Sketchup Modeling with Drawing Tablets?

Has anyone tried using drawing tablets like Wacoms and Huions when modeling in Sketchup?

I do a bit of work in Photoshop and I’m sure it will be a great experience, but I can’t justify the cost of one as I use Sketchup and Layout 80% of the time. I can imagine modeling with a tablet would be fun, but I can also imagine myself struggling to accurately click on endpoints in my models 토토사이트.

I hear some graphic designers have grown so accustomed to their drawing tablets that they have completely ditched their mouse even outside of Photoshop. I wonder if this could be the case for us who use Sketchup as well?

I didn´t try it myself. But there is a video on the Youtube-SketchUp-Channel:

I’ve had a 21" Wacom Cintiq for a number of years. I really like it for editing images and that sort of thing. Tried it with SketchUp and found I didn’t like using the stylus so the Cintiq is my secondary display and SketchUp is on my 27" primary display. That said, there are a number of SketchUp users who do like using a tablet and stylus. You should give it a try and see what you think.

I’ve been known to use one occasionally. About 80% of my work. Usually the bad gifs I produce are done with a mouse.


If you do a search for wacom tablet you should find a thread with lots of information on using them. On phone in pub playing pool so not going to hunt it down for you.


If you are interested in novel modeling methods, why not try VR Sketch? I really like it for my zoom / orbit heavy workload cause you can grab and resize everything with your hands.