[Vray] Simple surface, no hidden lines, still having subtriangles in render

Hello everyone
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I study Architecture and in this summer, I tried to model whole part of one of my school projects. The process went so well so far. But yesterday, I was trying to create a water surface. I used bump map to create little waves on the surface. When I tried to render, the surface split a few segments.

As I said, it’s just a simple plane, no hidden lines. It’s not a group or a component. When I try to apply the same material on a surface shaped rectangular, everything looks fine.

Extra Information: The material based on a simple color then added reflection and refraction layers. I leaved these two layers as default. Then, I used an image as bump map

My material settings

Here is my Bump Map settings

I Use sketch-Up 2016 and Vray 3.00.03

Please help me if anyone has any experience on vray materials. Thanks a lot already

I don’t think bump is a good solution for water. I personally think displacement works better for water effect.

It seems that your Vray is guessing UV possition since you don’t have image tied with diffuse.

Vray follows the image rotation, scale, position of the SketchUp material. Even if you don’t plan on showing, link the same image you plan on using for displacement. This way, you can preview and position your mapping.

this is with displacement.

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Thank you for the solution and the informations :slight_smile: It worked for me.

Also, thanks for the advice. I’ll try it as soon as possible