Vray rendering issues: displaced Geometries

Eventhough I’m not entirely newbie in 3d rendering but I’m new to Sketchup and loving it so far. Rendering with Vray bugs quite often but I could live with it. However there are some issues in my new project that really challenge my sanity :sweat_smile: and since I couldnt find solutions anywhere with google, I think I might open new topic:

Here a screenshot of my model, the floor is properly modelled, everything is in place and visible

Here the rendered result:

The wooden floor seems to be floating in the air, there is a large gap between the tiled floor and the wooden floor where it is supposed to be a brass inlay between the two and the parquett doesnt even have sides but is just a 2-sided flat plane.

Of the same file but different scene there is some weird rectangular appeared in my rendering:

I have tried searching through all tags, all hidden entities, purging all cosmos assets and components but no success. Any ideas?

On another note, Im not able to make change to models from Cosmos library anymore. Things either stay the way they are or lose all their ID. I remember being able to remodel them though, now all I can do is scaling and moving the thing.

Thanks in advance!

Can you share the model?

Did you use displacement for the wood? Did you try with bump only?

That’s it, with displacement off stays the damned floor in place. :grin:

It was however not a problem by the other parquett floors of the same file though: