Displacements in V-Ray

Hi. I have problem with rendering displacement. I can see it in my material oprions" ball" but it is not visible sfter render, Please help.

Is this a Vray thing?

no idea… I can send a screenshot.

Since SketchUp doesn’t do displacement it must be some sort of rendering application you are talking about.

I suppose You are correct… Do You know what can it be?

So are you using Vray or some other rendering application?

From your very limited description and no identification of what application you are actually talking about, it’s difficult to give you any sort of answer.

Uploading screen shots showing material settings and your results could be a big help.

I am using V-Ray for SketchUp 3.60.03

that is whatIhave…

One of the Vray gurus might be along to give you some ideas. You could also ask on the Chaos forum for Vray.

I did… Waiting

For future consideration, if you include that you are referring to Vray in your first post and even in the title, it will make it easier for others to identify and help you out.

ok … thanx- begginer fail:)

Nah. Beginner learning opportunity.