Vray PBR material not matching the source render


I got this PBR:

But I can’t get to make it look like the source render.
I put the AO in a mix operator and set it to multiply. Put Roughness and Normal maps on Linear space. But my result is way darker.

What do I do wrong?

Please help!

Thanks a lot.


You can try changing a few settings in Mix (Operator)

I also tested in Quixel Mixer, just by adding the textures and the resulting image is similar, which gave me the idea to use a Dome light in V-ray. You can try to test this way as well.

So I’m not crazy, apart for trying manually to do some color correction, there’s not something I’m missing? Because even with color correction, I don’t get quite the result I’m looking for…

It’s a displacement texture, it is impossible to achieve with a normal map. Either the geometry needs to be modelled or the displacement map added to the material to be displaced at render time.

You will need to add the map to the material and apply at the group level as well at the geometry level for the displacement to take effect.

In addition to the changes already presented, I put the file ‘Wood_Acoustic_Panel_001_height.jpg’ as displacement map, and as lighting I introduced a Dome light with hdri

Remember that for displacement you have to apply the material on the group, not on the faces.

thank you! Okay, that’s great! Now I need to figure out how to replicate what you just said haha

First, how do you apply the Displacement to the group and not on the faces?

I use a HDRI in my scene, But I tried different light intensity and color on the the material to see the results, didn’t do much. I’ll try again

Displacement is a map part of the material, you apply the material to the group.

Thank you for that. Now I have great geometry. All I miss is the right color! I’ll try my best.