Vray Rendering getting stuck at a certain point after prepass

I was rendering an interior kitchen scene, I used Vray rendering settings just as I use for my other projects, but it gets stuck at a certain point during rendering. I decreased the lights and all, nothing seems to be working. Its for my office https://vidmate.onl/, please help. I will upload the skp file to google drive and share the link if required.

That would help diagnose the issue.

It seems like you’re posting the same question with multiple accounts. Try to keep it to just one so that it’s not confusing or redundant.

Sounds like you may have a bad material path. I’ve seen that stop renders in the past since it creates and error for V-Ray. Try checking your File Path Editor and see if there are any red links. If so, relink them or remove them from your model. You can also try Turning on the ‘Materials Override’ setting and render again and see if it gets past prepass this time.