Vray render too dark



Hi, can you help me with Vray rendering. Is there any brightness setting because it renders room too dark.
I chosen Vray:Presets-Camera-Interier - Medium quality, in Sketchup : Window-Shadows- 1 PM but final image seems to be too dark. Any help please?


There are lots of reasons that might be causing it.
Can you share your render, shadow settings, viewport etc.?

If your room is too dark, then obviously there’s not enough light coming inside. Check your ‘opening’ of the room, window glass materials, sun’s position & rotation etc. (does it cast shadows in viewport?)

If you wish you can adjust brightness & color corrections in V-ray Frame Buffer.


Sorry dont understand what you mean," does it cast shadows in viewport"? And please where can I find Vray Frame Buffer? Thank you for helping me


You should ask your questions in the Vray forum and show some images of what you’re getting as examples.


If you share your render result and some screenshots i’ll be able to help better… Also did you check my earlier suggestions?

When you hit render, the pop-up window comes up, that’s it V-ray Frame Buffer.
I already provided link in first post (in blue text). Here it is just in case… https://docs.chaosgroup.com/display/VRAYSKETCHUP/V-Ray+Frame+Buffer+|+VFB


He re is example of too dark room:

and shadow fail:

Thanks for help guys.


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