Vray - Render is black when a change the hour of the scene



Hello everyone,
I’m a student architect and my professors asked me to do a render of a street hour by hour to see the shadow changing and people moving ect…
I did it from 8AM to 11PM. Between 8PM and 11PM it is ok. Between 2PM and 7PM is not perfect but I still have something usable. My problem is between 8AM and 1PM even if the view is the same and I keep the same parameters, just pass from 2PM to 1PM the result is black… Iplay with all the parameters.
Changing sun, add aerial perspective, change the EV, change the iso the f number, the shutter speed, move from brute force to irradiance, GI, … I get a image but the light is absolutly awfull the background is black and everything is in light, no shadows…

Someone can help me, please?



Do you have to light the scene in Vray, can you not use SketchUp for that exercise?


Hello liamk887,
Thank you for your answer. The problem is they want street light during night so I can not use only sketchup :confused:


Any chance you could share your scene so I can look at your vray setup?


https://we.tl/t-XKInfOcpkz this is the model :slight_smile:


yes sorry, I did it too quickly ^^


hi nienna, this just crashes SU when trying to render.

a. what version of Vray are you using?
b. could you ‘pack project’ (in the vray extensions menu) and send the download link please.



it is 2017. https://we.tl/t-XKInfOcpkz


Hi Nienna
sorry, thats the Sketchup version number. I need the vray version number - i.e. 3.4, 3.6.02 etc

also pack project is a Vray tool to package all the assets for the scene in a common format. see my screenshot


I don’t have this option. Maybe this screenshot can help you?

Thank you so much for your help!


Ok, Pack Project is a standard option for 3.4


at the moment the file just kills Sketchup.


ok… can I do something to fixe this?


it dies trying to build the Vray scene, Its probably worth posting on the Vray for Sketchup public forum.
I’m on a newer version than you so that might be the issue, someone will probably be using 3.4 but I would imagine they will want you to Pack Project


ill try and remove the Vray information from the file and see if that helps me.


I wanted to post there too but I’m a newer on the forum so I cannot :confused:

I just tried something now, I changed the UTC and apparently it’s working… I don’t understand why…

Thank you so much for your help!!!


no problem. you can post to the public section as a newcomer, just to the other sections.
you gotta email chaos group to authorise your username to post in other forums.

Actually, I’ve come across that UTC thing myself before - not in association with vray.

glad it all working.


I was going to suggest that - you can encounter the same problems in SU scenes.


I guess there is too much geometry involved, especially the balconies with the lattice racks.
There might be some serious raytracing, inferencing going on here.

replaciing them for texture would help, along purging the model, as well (-30MB)

For these kind of visualisations, I would use a differnet renderer.:

Kubity: https://www.kubity.com/p/w4mCT5


Found the issue. After deleting nearly everything from the model, including all materials…and still it still rendering black…I finally thought to check it’s Geo-Location. It needs to be located in it’s real world location in order for light and shadows to work correctly.

See screenshot of render after adding a random location to the model. Do you know how to do that? Also, +72 million edges is crazy high. Take all of the others advice here on how to get your model size down in the future.


Oh my god! thank you so much for the solution! I never think about that! thank you so much!!