Vray render for SU 2017 REALLY dark. Please help

I’m trying to render an interior scene of a bedroom layout. Bedroom has a few windows in it, without adding ANY lights if I render, the only light that shows is whats coming through the window (and that is EXTREMELY BRIGHT). So my end result is basically a black and white render. I’ve changed the physical camera, add NUMEROUS Omni lights, but yet its still dark. I just want a basic brightness to the entire room, then add lighting details (lamps, chandelier, etc). what am I doing wrong?

Running on SU 2017, Vray 3.0



Is this the right place, for your question?

Have you added other lights to your model for the render? Unfortunately, I have not used V-ray much, so it’s not something I can help with, but I know that rendering engines work with what they are given… And if all you give it is the global light (the :sun: in SketchUp) then that is all that will render.

For specifics on using V-Ray, you are probably better off reaching out to Chaos Group on their own forums.

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