Vray render bad quality after long rendering :(

Hello guys. Recently my renders have been rendering for a long time (few hours) and the end result is still pixelated. I didn’t have that problem with previous files, so I’m not sure what is wrong here… please help :frowning: I need help quickly, this is for my job experience.

Do you know the resolution at which you rendered the image?

800x400 px :wink: try 2K

ohhhhh- which resolution should I change it to ideally?

2K, 3K… it depends on what your computer can do and what you need.

And look at the image at 100%, not 400%.

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thank you :slight_smile:

You’re welcome!
Also, turn off ‘Progressive’.

Also change the quality slider down from High+ to Medium…at least as a test to compare render times. To me, and as @mihai.s says, it’s better to have higher resolution and lower quality than the opposite. It’s all a balance of settings depending on how fast your machine is+how long you’re able to wait for it to finish.