[Vray] How to Pack Everything that's used in the whole scene?

So I have made a scene, with all sorts of materials and vray materials, also some OBJ, and HDRI. and I want to save everything and pass it to someone else to render. something like after effects collect files. cinema 4d save as with all materials.

it seems that if I save as skp, a lot of materials gone, only the base preset which was included in sketchup can be seen, some materials which was moved category from sketchup 8 to 2016 also wasn’t recognized, like the stone marble which was moved to masonry.

and vray pack scene got most of it, but when I try to render, I see it still doesn’t pack everything. somehow I see the vray render looking for files outside the packed folder.

so is there any way to do it in sketchup?



Linked images missing on Vray render is all Vray related. As long as SketchUp viewport shows everything correctly, there is nothing you can do from SketchUp to pack the scene.

Perhaps get in contact with Chaos Group? They have their forum which will be more helpful for this.

For me, the pack scene function has always worked for me except when jumping the platform: Windows to MAC.
However it was from earlier versions, it might also have been fixed.