Vray for Sketchup and 2D drawing in 1 model



Is it possible to use Vray for Sketchup and a normal Sketchup with Layout workflow in 1 document?

I want to assign materials to my SU model with Vray, make renders, but at the same time use this document to make standard 2D line drawings with shadows in Layout.

See attachment. (work in progress).
This is a design for a house that I’d like to use in Vray for Sketchup as well.
I don’t want to see SU-materials in my Layout file, just 2D lines with normal shadows.

Thanks in advance!


Create scenes using a monochrome style for the layout pages and scenes shaded with texture for your renderings. You can have multiple scenes with the same camera view but different styles etc then only use the ones you want for each purpose. It’s a good way to export linework overlays to fit your renders too.


Hi Box,

Does this work when I apply Vray materials to my model, but still have 2D line drawings like the image above?


Make a box and paint it with a vray material. Create a scene. Go view/face style/monochrome. Create a second scene.
Now open second scene in layout and what do you see, pretty sure you won’t see a box painted with vray material.


Thanks! It worked. Sorry for the late reply…


I would love to see the results…if you would not mind to share joep