Vray materials not saving

This might be more of a Vray question, but perhaps someone here has an answer. The problem I’m having is that materials on my models aren’t fully saving when transferring an item from one model to another.

For instance, if I have a car in a model and set up the materials in the Vray plug-in to get the right look for the paint, glass, chrome, etc, those settings don’t seem to save if I transfer the car to another model. I’ve had to start from scratch with my Vray settings every time I set up a new model, even when grabbing items from previous models that were fully “render-ready”.

Is there a button I need to hit to make sure material settings transfer from model to model?

thanks in advance for any advice!!

Save it as a .vrmat

My goal is to set up 15-20 cars, ready to render, that I can drop into my models without having to re-link or reset all the materials. So that would mean around 30+ different material settings for the group of cars. Unless I’m missing something, based on this video, I’d have to re-link all the materials to the .vrmat file for all of the 30+ materials every time I bring the cars into a new model. Is that the case?