Vray Gpu acceleration



the option in Vray for enable Gpu acceleration, will it make the rendering proccess faster?
i have a geforce 1070 g1 graphics card.


Best Hardware for rendering?

I would think so as generally speaking, GPU acceleration is always faster than CPU acceleration.


You should check in the Vray documentation. I understand that at least in some version, hardware rendering is used for the preview, while final renders are using the CPU. GPU rendering might also have an image size limitation.


Yes, GPU acceleration will make rendering process a lot faster. Take a look at these benchmark results from V-ray. (Search for your hardware if you wish) You can download the standalone benchmark here after you sign-in.
Check this fore more info: Understanding V-Ray Benchmark.
Here is a decent Guide to GPU Rendering by ChaosGroup.

Also take note that some features are not fully supported with GPU rendering yet.

Additionally they recently introduced V-Ray Hybrid rendering (i think only for 3ds Max for now) which means CPU + GPU will be used at the same time, resulting even faster renders. We can expect this to be implemented to SketchUp later on.


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