Vray for sketchup rendering settings

I use vray 3.4 for rendeing
What can be the best and best Vray asset editor settings without GPU

It would help us answer your question if you clarify what you mean by ‘best and best’. Best settings for reducing render time? Best settings for increasing render quality?


I prefer increase in quality of render

See screenshot below. You can try adjusting the ‘Quality’ up to High or High+. Also make sure to use ‘Denoiser’ which removes noise in the rendering. Lastly, you can increase the pixel dimensions under ‘Render Output’. Something like 5000 pixels wide is pretty high resolution. keep in mind that a typical HD display is 1920 by 1080 pixels.

Increasing both the quality and size of the render will also increase the render time so make sure to pick settings that are balanced with how fast your machine CPU/GPU is and your level of patience.

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I would have to agree with @eric-s on this one. His recommendations are pretty fair, though I would back off on the higher res setting, as that can tax even the best of computer systems, though that in turn is governed by how complex the scene is. I model a lot that’s rendered in Vray (currently using Vray Next), some complex and some simple, so again render times can vary quite a lot, depending on the hardware you have. My rig is equipped with a i9-9900k w/Nvidia RTX-2080 and with a render res of 1920x1080, I get pretty good results in a reasonable amount of time. If your system is equipped with a modern Nvidia GPU, I recommend rendering with the CUDA or RTX engine (GPU) rather than CPU, as the resulting render will be rendered much more accurately.

Faster, I think, not more accurately. There are still some features that are only supported in CPU mode.