Vray for Sketchup Computer Build Processor and GPU recomendations

I’m sure this topic has been posted and talked about considerably in the past, however looking back through some of the previous threads I was unable to locate what I was looking for. My firm is getting ready to build a new computer for rendering purposes. I have a $5000 - $7000 budget for this build, and am curious to get feedback from the group regarding which is better the I7v3 or dual Xeon processors, and why? Likewise would love to hear recommendations on what you would suggest for this build, inclusions, omissions, GPU, etc… We have multiple slave systems ( in house that all run the I7, and we use these systems for distributed rendering, so our render times are fairly quick. My goal is to build this unit to be fast on the up-front calculations and still use distributed rendering for overall faster render times. Likewise I want to build this computer to last, keeping in mind Vray is always evolving, which is why i’m also interested in your suggestions for GPU’s. We all currently use GTX 780ti’s, but i’m under the impression that we may want to consider switching to a workstation GPU for this unit.

Thanks for your help, idea’s, etc.