Vray CGTrader import problem

I bought these appliance models from here:

and I can’t render models with textures. I have transferred it to sketchup through transmutr and in sketchup the textures are already there but in vray they are not visible, simply in vray you can’t see anything.I tried uploading through simplify and it didn’t help. I was able to see the textures in vray through explode but they look worse than in sketchup and they are simply terrible and don’t look real at all. I’ve been trying to manually load textures all day and it’s impossible, there’s always something wrong.
I also downloaded 3ds max to see if it’s better but it’s exactly the same. I’ve been struggling with this for days. I would really appreciate some help.

Thank you

In SketchUp set the face style to Monochrome. Are the faces showing white or blue?

Everything is white ,I already checked

Share the .skp file.