Vray asset editor prevents model edits while open

Hello, I’m running SketchUp 2023 on a MacOS and I just started using Vray to render my images. The asset editor is pretty critical to Vray’s functionality in SketchUp so I have it open often while organizing textures/elements of my model. The issue I’m having, is that when I have the asset editor open I can’t make adjustments to my SketchUp model at all- the only thing I can do is use my scroll wheel to zoom in and out. Has anyone else had this problem before? When I click on the model’s window, my toolbars and menu’s flash on the screen for a second- but as a whole it isn’t usable. I’ve included a video of what I’m talking about. Let me know if you have any clarifying questions!

As a footnote, the things I can do in the SketchUp window while asset editor is open are:

  • zoom in and out with scroll wheel

  • Triple or double select

I also just learned of a "less than convenient work around. If I have this issue, I can click on a 3rd party window (like safari) and then click on the SketchUp window. The asset editor remains open and I can edit my model, but as soon as I click on the asset editor again, the SketchUp window “locks”. I don’t know if this helps- but this is the only solution I have right now, and it isn’t much of one.

I don’t have such a problem and the computer I’m sitting on now is an i7 quadcore 32 Gb RAM video card M100)M. A bit old ZBook.

Looks like Mac OS is not giving back the focus to the SU window. Once you click in your Vray window, you have to force giving the focus to another app to then give back to SU.

I mentioned the way SU for mac works in a thread couple weeks (months?) ago.

(it was about web, and I talked about pro, but still applies)
Basically, all the windows in SU for mac are separate windows. to make it simple, some are principal, like the modelling window, some are secondary, like the toolbars.

Clicking on a secondary (toolbar…) should put the principal modelling window in focus. looks like your Vray window takes priority until you change software and come back.

I wonder if it could be Sonoma related, since it’s essentially a macOS behaviour, and none of the vray-mac users have noticed this until now.
Anyone on Ventura or Monterrey to confirm ?

If you choose to rollback to ventura (see other thread and MP), you’ll see if this persists.

It only took me 16 hours of total work between my computer and 2 external hard drives, but I can happily say, “I AM BACK ON VENTURA, BABY!” And I bring even better news; you were 100% correct. It was a Sonoma problem, because now I am having no issue at all traversing between windows. Glad that happened to work out before checking a bunch of possible fixes- it’s nice when things just get fixed because the issues are related. I’ve only been “modeling” in Sketch Up for about 20 minutes (loading in toolbars and restoring previous settings/plugins) but so far, so good. :smile: :+1:

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haha good that it all went back to normal :slight_smile:
also, good to know that the sonoma beta is causing window focus trouble. hope it will go away for the general release.

Indeed! It might also be good to know that it was automatically crashing or logging me out of the chaos library consistently- I just thought my computer couldn’t handle it running alongside SketchUp and Vray, but now it doesn’t crash at all. I also couldn’t get the HDR map generator to work before and it does now. I guess there are still kinks to work out! :sweat_smile:[quote=“ateliernab, post:6, topic:238708, full:true”]
haha good that it all went back to normal :slight_smile:
also, good to know that the sonoma beta is causing window focus trouble. hope it will go away for the general release.
Thank you, again. Everything went just fine.