Visualization of dimensions

This is the problem: when dimension are placed orizontally visualization if fine. When placed vertically there are some missing partes.Uploading: 2_LI.jpg…

Can’t see your image. Maybe you could share the LayOut file instead, though?

I try again.

Please share the LayOut file so we can look at the dimensions.

Hi Dave,2019-Progetto 8,57x7-2-2 - DEF-2 - Copia.layout (3.8 MB) here the attachment


OK. Thank you for sharing that file. It made it possible to see what is going on. It appears there’s a bug related to the size of the paper. If you move the content toward the center of the sheet, the problem goes away.

If you must work on paper that size, the only current solution I have for you is to turn the the dimensions so the text is horizontal. I’ll file a bug report on it.

Great Dave! At list I’ve got what’s the problem. I will follow your advice.