[bug-layout] dimensions (from SketchUp) are 'cropped' - depends on position on paper

For a while I noticed a problem with the dimensions (from SketchUp) in Layout. I just investigated and noticed this problem is relative to the position on the paper (A0) in Layout. See pic and LayOut file;

  • The green positions are ok - the dims are readable and there’s some space between the dim & dimension line.
  • At the yellow position, the dim is still readable but its too close to the dimension line.
  • At the red positions, some parts of the dim ‘text’ are cut off. Look close. Having contractors to guess my dimensions is not what I would like to see.

Workarounds for now;

  • only use the green positions
  • use raster (is no option imho)

Edit: see my second post below with additional information regarding my system specs and better pic showing the problem.

dims_pos_on_paper_bugdims_pos_on_paper_bug.layout (50.3 KB)

The image you posted is far too small to see the problem. When I open the Layout file, they all look the same. I can overlay 1 onto 9 in an image editing program and they’re almost identical. This is what I see in this png:

My image might look small too on the forum, but click on it and zoom in or download it to see it full size.
I’m using Layout 2018 on the Mac, so I can’t help as it looks fine here. You should post which version you’re using so someone else can test it.

@McGordon - thanks for looking at the file. Maybe its a Windows-only ‘feature’.

  • Layout 2018
  • Windows 10 x64
  • GTX1080

I can reproduce that here, too, Max. Interesting bug.

The font might have something to do with this. Segoe seems to have size issues. Arial at the same size is much bigger.

@Anssi I tried the setup with Arial but still having the same issues.

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