Layout bug: rotated text cut off - depends on position on paper

See pic and Layout file. Size A0 paper. Using default text in layout. When rotating the text 90 degrees, some parts of the first letter are cut - it depends on the position on the paper.

textCutOff.layout (9.8 KB)

Note: I noticed the same cut-off problem in Layout before when using dimensions in SketchUp - that bug still isn’t solved (May 2018). See [bug-layout-v19] dimensions (from SketchUp) are 'cropped' - depends on position on paper

I can reproduce it. This appears to be related to the distance from the page’s origin (top left corner) to the text. On large sheets text on the far right and/or bottom get this cropping worst.

@adam, have you seen this?

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We have seen this before, but we haven’t had time to determine the root cause of this issue. As @DaveR said, it gets worse the further from the page origin you get.


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