Dimensions...why feet and inches vertically and just inches horizontal?

Hi! Trying to add real dimensions to a large building. Dimension tool does well vertically (ie. 15’ 7") …but horizontally it shows 2 9/16" for example, conveying what would be measured if printed out on 11"by17" paper. How do I get real dims to show in horizontal for example 36’ 10"??

thanks! Mark

Sometimes when there is something drawn over the viewport in Layout (e.g. a line segment or rectangle), the dimension tool will measure in paper space (your 2 9/16") rather than model space (your 36’ 10").

Someone would have to take a look at your Layout file to be sure, but this is a starting point for you.


Sounds like the vertical dimensions are paper space, not attached to the model. It would help if you share the LO file so we can assist you in identifying exactly where the problem lies.

Thanks!..you were correct.

Thank you!