Layout dimension tool giving angle dimensions (not linear)

Until recently, when dimensioning the tool would give true dimensions vertically and horizontally even if i clicked on points at an angle to each other. This doesnt seem to work anymore…the dimension given is the longer dimension of the distance between 2 points (at an angle to each other) Is this a new thing or is there a setting i’ve missed?

I am having this trouble too. I don’t really know how these forums work, but I don’t see any responses to this post. What is the solution, anyone?

Hi folks.

If you drag the cursor more or less perpendicular to the inclined line, you will get the real length.

Try dragging the cursor horizontally and you shall get the vertical projection or vertically to get the horizontal projection.



Yeah I’m having the same problem, I just noticed it when I opened a project I was working on and started dimensioning some things, I know you can move the points around and get the right dimensions, but what for and why the change?? is it to help with aligned dimensions? a little explanation would be nice.