Visual concept design for entertainment industry


Hi guys,

Glad to be part of this awesome community.
Sketchup really help me a lot at my works. I m concept designer, most of my job/project are from entertainment industry.

Here is some of my works/profile:

Let’s together create more cool stuff from Sketchup. :smile:

some of my works


Right on, Simon. I really enjoyed flipping through your game environments!


Welcome, Simon!

You have some beautiful models/artwork. Love the mechs!



How long you created every single model?? very nice models huh :slight_smile:


Sorry for late reply. Been busy coz moving around. :stuck_out_tongue:
Average about 4-6 hours, depend the complexity of the model.


Thanks Paul.
I m newbies here and really enjoy Sketchup.


WOW. When I read your post I was thinking “Hey, I am a concept designer too let me check out this guys linkHOLEEECRAAAPTHATISAWESOME (as your site loads)…” I need to find a new description of what I do. Cool stuff man.


Thanks buddy.
That is some of my works which i can preview/share coz most of my works are tie under NDA with my client.


Seeing your work put a big smile on my face! It’s very inspiring and good to know a professional such as yourself is in the Sketchup family. It’s good to meet you.


Thanks buddy. :smile: