Cyberpunk art & architecture

Hello there, here is my last work. alsoi want to ask here. i am looking for a job, is there anyway to help me?


Id recommend telling us more about your process you used to create this render? what extensions did you use if any? What rendering program? How have you been applying your art to paying jobs? ie film concept design, architectural design? etc?

Hello Eric-s, i am Sketchup artist and create scenes like, urban modeling, architecture,interior and exterior. most i create like cinematography style (cyberpunk or realistic style) which can be used in games or for example as art.
i use sketchup and some plugins: -Soap skin bubble, -Fredotools, -Curviloft, -Fredospline, -Fredopaint, -Sculptbrush, -Roundcorner, -Skatter, -Pushpull and etc.
For Render i use Twilight render V2 Pro version.
Here is my some works u can see them. i work on Sketchup during 12 years and looking for job.


Your profile indicates that you are using SketchUp Make 2017, which is not licensed for commercial work. If you get a paid job that involves using SketchUp, you will need to upgrade to SketchUp Pro (desktop) or SketchUp Shop (web).

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Nice renderings from the OP. I think if they were hired by a company and not working freelance there would be access to SketchUp Pro. The OP may consider creating a portfolio on ArtStation which is an artistic hub for VFX and Gaming Industry. I write this because the images seem to indicate an interest in VFX or Illustration versus working in an architectural firm. Good luck.

Nice to Twilight Render used that way. I used Version 1.5 years ago.


if there will be any job, i will think to ugpgrade it. i work during many years with sketchup but can not find any job, so it is not easy to buy license and work for only yourself :pensive:

thank you. i tried many ways but no one contacts me. i want to improve myself and work for clients.

Gio, my advice for you is to find a job via personal connections versus posting on social media or on software forums filled with helpful, albeit, strangers, who do not know you. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Trust matters for business owners and few will consider hiring you on portfolio alone. They need to know who you are and whether or not you are dependable for meeting deadlines. At least that’s what I tell my students, but what do I know?

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I think these are great! They’re creative/ innovative and have great atmosphere. The lighting is terrific too.
Have you looked for business networking groups, in advertising for example?
Good luck, I hope you find work

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That’s a pretty pedantic reaction to someone who is looking for a job.

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Stuff you pal.

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Thank you to all for your reactions, it gives me stimulus :heartbeat:
this one is my last work



George, your cyberpunk art is nice. I suspect you can also do other stuff with your talent. Maybe showing that would show possible employers other aspects of yourself.

I hope you succeed! Good luck!

Thank you JQL. if you can explain, is it possible to work for example game company? i asking because very often i hear formats vfx and etc. i dont know about same details. i know only using sketchup+render. is it enough to create models and 3D universe for game developers?
thanks again

I think this forum might not be a great stage for you, if you want to get into that world.

You should probably open an Artstation account:

Take a look at what people are doing there. How your art compares to theirs. What tools they use might also be important. Those might be the main tools employers are seeking skilled people for.

Maybe try publishing your work into Sketchfab too as you might have more visibility on your 3d skills:

And you should probably get personal. Try finding work by going to places or talking to people in your area that might require a skilled 3d artist/modeller to work for them.

I can’t help you much more, sorry.

EDIT: Maybe participate in one of these challenges:


Wow! You have very cool works in the style of cyberpunk. I really like them, you have talent!
I can’t do this myself, but your work is very cool! I like your vision of architecture! I’m a big fan of architecture, so I read and watch a lot about it. I recently found where there is a lot of interesting material on this topic. By the way, it helped me write my college work well. I have no problems with architecture, but not everything is so simple with other disciplines. I turned to this resource several times for help in writing an essay and was satisfied with the result. I recommend you try it if you have a similar problem.


Your works look very good! I like it, especially works #2, #3 and #4.

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here are other ones from my last works