My own portfolio - Proposal!



Hello everyone!. My name is James, i work with 3ds max and Vray as the main render engine of my works. Today i work as freelance renderist and modeler for videogames. Now im giving my jump to architectural 3d and trying to make my own portfolio. Since i am quite short of time to design from scratch i propose the next to those interested:

If you have any architectural design on Sketchup and you need a photorealistic render, I can make it for you with no cost whatsoever. The ONLY CONDITION is that you let me put the render on my website as part of my portfolio and of course also giving you the credit for the design.

Im doing this since i need to make a portfolio pretty fast and as i say i dont have the time for do it all.

If you are interested let me know


You can take a look at my portfolio (architectural) and see if any models interest you: Some are available for download already but I could also send some if you want.


I am starting a 3D printing business and now and then I will need some help in making things as I am new to Sketchup Make 2016 … So far I have made parts for my place . . Like made a part to convert LOW FLOW toilet to NORMAL FLOW TOILET . . Works great . .
Have thought about making parts for old Auto’s as some may not be made any more . . Means a lot of color’s to have around . . Have a sign Letters made and have to clean them up a bit and actually make the sign


So of course you’ll be buying a SketchUp Pro license, right?


Hi Eneroth! thanks for reply! I already check your portfolio, i really liked your “Bibliotek Västra Hamnem” and your core+shell!. Altough i would like it more if you choose the one you would like to see render. I think it would make it a little more interesting. This way i could also ask what would you would like to “see” when you think of this as a real construction.


Hi lynne!, thanks for reply. Maybe I did not understand what was your point, but i only do renders on 3ds max. Also work with ZBrush that some people use it also for 3d print. I dont truly know if or how i could help you.


Yeah as soon as get something coming in . . All I have is OUT GO right now A REEL OF FILAMENT is $24.00 or there abouts per and I just bought a reel of translucent red need some one to think about buying something red . . LMAO . . 3 layer parts are almost clear 9 gets to block light like a tail light cover lens would on a car or truck . .