"Views" tab, wrong icons

I noticed in the Views tab, the “Front View” icon (the icon is of a simple house) looks like the back of the house while the “Back View” icon is of the front of the house. Minor issue…

Editing my post: we have a bug for how these icons work. To my eye, there’s a chimney on one side, a window on the other, and then how do you tell front / back? I say, the door is in the front. Who puts a door only in the back? If the door is in front, then chimney is right, window is left. But that’s not how it’s portrayed. It’s currently door in back, chimney on left, window on right. To be continued… (and apologies to Dave for not clarifying this answer more the first time)



And of course the main SketchUp equivalents have ‘a door at the front’ - as most sane users might expect.
Once that is established… and the chimney-stack is given in the views, and the plan [top] view is rotated 180°, and the 4 iso views and others are properly labeled… then all views are automatically identifiable…

A case of graphic-artist trumps common-sense ?

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If I was a computer programmer I would be almost certain to mismatch icons and functions. The world might be glad that I am not a nuclear scientist.


Great comments guys, and your assertions are correct. We are going to reshuffle the icons. The center will be the top view. From here we look at it sort of like a gimbal. So if you pretend to look down on the house, the back should be the top center icon. The bottom center icon will be the front. Infer from there. Look for an update a few releases from now.

Despite the incorrect order, how do you like this interface? Trying to keep it somewhat economical, but more wysiwyg. Also trying to avoid visible text so it doesn’t need to be localized. Would love your insights… Thanks!

SketchUp UX team.

Consider starting with the top view; front door facing the front of the house, chimney in the back-right corner of the house.

One can traverse the outer 8 standard views in a clockwise direction to achieve the effect of walking around the house in a clockwise direction; this is equivalent to rotating the model in the counter-clickwise direction 360 degrees.

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EDIT: This is the proposed fix for the wonky orientation.


I really like the interface, especially on the left were the different tools can be selected in appropiate groups

I get where you are coming from with this but text can be immensely useful. With text and “official” names for things it’s much easier for teachers to explain things to students and also easier to search and find help online. Also all these phrases appears in the desktop version and need to be translated anyway. Wouldn’t it be possible to map translations from there?


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