Views keep cutting wrong

In my file of sketchup I made 3D views. Only in one scene, the tables are being cut through and seem hollow. In the other scenes, that is not happening.

I’ve checked field of view, but that isn’t the problem.

Yepp, SketchUp is 3D modeller, so all views are 3D (however the camera of the view can be set to parallel projection or perspective…). :wink:

Unless you share more information… screenshots, or even better the model itself, we can only guess from the several reason, e.g.:
The specific objects - that you see being cut and hollow - is far away from the model origin, perhaps the camera set to parallel projection…

See also here: Clipping and missing faces

There are also some Extension “against clipping”:

I know you can switch between parallel and perspective. My other scenes, don’t have that problem.

At least part of your problem is this staircase component located at 14 kilometers from the rest of your model.

Delete that.

I was seeing clipping in your Scene 4 until after I deleted that distant object. Now it looks like this with no clipping.

I fixed some incorrect tag usage and reduced some monstrously sized texture images. That reduced the file size by about 72%.Here’s the file.

Thank you again for fixing! If i need to figure it out myself, I’ll be waisting a lot of time.

One common reason for the clipping that your model showed is due to something at a huge distance from the rest of the model. To check for that I hit Zoom Extents which made it look like your model had been deleted. The axes were the only thing displayed. I returned to your Scene 1 , selected your model with a left to right selection window. Then I inverted the selection (Edit menu) and saw in Entity Info that there was a component selected. In the Camera menu I used Zoom Selected to show it. After deleting I tested Zoom Extents again and it zoomed into your model. You can do that if you run into this again.