Viewport showing reversed face when touching model

Layout is showing a reversed face (green color) in my model when the viewport boundary touches it. Perhaps this is known behavior but It’s a first for me. Anyone seen this behavior? In this case it’s not a big deal as it’s a simple piece and I can work around but if I needed to zoom a viewport to show detail is there a reason or fix for this?

That’s definitely an odd behavior. I’ve not seen that before and I frequently have the model extending outside the viewport. Can you share the LO file? I’d like to see if the same thing happens on the PC.

I guess I wouldn’t use the Scale setting they way you are, either. I’d untick Preserve Scale and drag the edges of the viewport.

Yeah I was moving fast trying to beat the clock, just throwing this quick file together to get off to a fabricator asap, a bit down and dirty, which is perhaps why I’ve never seen this before either. Here is link to the file, I’ve moved on but I confirmed it still does it after having saved, if you resize the edge of the bottom ISO viewport.

Doesn’t happen on the PC.Must be a special Mac feature. :wink:

Modified scenes. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

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Hmmm… lucky me, some funky OpenGL thing. Well I’ve never seen it before, so lets hope I’ll never see it again.

Modded Scene! :scream: Oh no! Caught with my pants down, how embareassing!
Hey, I said this one was down and dirty right? Just trying to push an idea out the door.
Anyway, I’m a rebel, modifyin all over the place, just try to stop me.


Hey guys, I am seeing this for both Mac and PC in 2018 and 2019. When the viewport is clipped it is forcing a re-render that inadvertently flipping the face. We have seen similar flood filling issues with section planes but I have not seen this where the face is flipping. Nice find… anyway I will add a bug capturing this.



Get out of his way!!!