Layout changing view when scaling a viewport

EDIT: Never mind, My idiocy. The reference model had been changed and not updated in Layout and I was not aware. Any activity modifying Scene 8 rerenders to the true new scene 8. I will go make coffee now.

I guess I missed my coffee this morning. I have viewports corresponding to in model scenes. Worked for the other pages/viewports but when I get to scene 8 which is an Ortho Plan when I change the scale it switches to a front elevation. I must be overlooking something obvious here?

That’s kind of unusual. Can you share the LO file? If you don’t want to make it public you can send it to me by PM.

Thanks. I was being thick, I went back to check the Su file to see and the scenes have been changed, but the link not updated in Layout. So the old Scene 8 was still showing in that viewport but any attempt to modify it re-linked to the true scene 8 in the model. I’ll leave all this up for others as a cautionary tale.

Thanks for quick response as always.

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Glad you got it sorted easily. Might not hurt to give scenes names that give you an idea of what they are supposed to show. :wink: