Viewport selection problem

Hi all, I am working on my first layout project. I have been doing well with my pages until i encountered the last sheet i created the LEFT SIDE ELEVATION was accidentaly added to “on every page”. Now i can’t select to put it back to default.

This is a screenshot showing a selection window and the view can not be selected.

Any tips?

Tried “SELECT ENTITY” under layer, it just confirms that i cant select that single viewport which keeps showing up on all sheets

Try to be organized:

  • Create the ‘Text’ layer and move all the texts into it;
  • Create the ‘Dimensions’ layer and move all the dimensions into it;
  • Create the ‘VP-top’ layer and move viewport TOP into it. And so on for every viewport.

As you create and organize them, lock and hide them, one by one.
You will end up only with the viewport that you cannot select. When selecting objects, use both left-to-right and right-to-left selection. Also check that it has not reached into the layer that is locked.

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