Viewport, Drawing Area, 3D View...?

We are working on a new extension that refers to the SketchUp viewport in its UI.

What name should we use to refer to the viewport, in order for it to be understandable even by novice SketchUp users?

  1. Viewport. I believe this is the official name. It’s also used in Layout. But that might sound obscure for new users?
  2. Drawing Area. This is the name used in the SketchUp help docs for beginners. But it sounds odd to me, is it because I’m an experienced user/developer?
  3. SketchUp View
  4. 3D View
  5. Something else?

One consideration is that the name must be rather short. “SketchUp Viewport” would be too long.


Space 3D or 3D View. Viewport is rather for 2D

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I think Viewport is pretty self explanatory, and already a commonly used term. It’s a 2D view generated from a 3D model. For something that is often an orthographic, 2D view, like a plan, section or elevation, calling is a 3D view is confusing as that would seem to imply a perspective or isometric in traditional drafting terms.


covers all of the bases ?

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