Viewing SketchUp models on Quest for free

SimLab Soft team is glad to announce that SimLab VR plugin for SketchUp is now completely free, because of the generous support of Amazon AWS we can offer users the plugin and the needed cloud services at zero cost.

The plugin allows the user from inside SketchUp to:

  • View the model in VR, PC, and Mac
  • View the model on Quest, Pico, Android and iOS
  • Upload up to 2GB (3 models) the user can delete them and load other ones as much as needed
  • Share models with unlimited number of users
  • Invite one person in a collaboration session to navigate the model together using mixed devices PC and Android for example, or Mac with Quest, … etc

:thumb: Get your free plugin on Windows or Mac from the following link

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Wonderful… trying it now - I can’t use the Sketchup Viewer as although I have a licensed Pro as it is last of classic versions Trimble did not make it available to our licenses… only available on subscription

Thank you Simlab !

My Quest Pro is due to be delivered today. Will try out the plugin on it.