Viewing Dimensions in existing SKP file


Hi everyone.

I am totally new to Sketchup and I can’t seem to figure something out…

I have downloaded this SKP file:

All I want to do is get Sketchup to show ALL the dimensions/measurements (so that I can print it off).

Is this possible?

I am using Sketchup 8.



If by “view” you mean a tabular listing, you could use File->Generate Report to get an html or csv file. There are also plugins such as CutList that generate tabular output of part sizes.

If by “view” you mean display the dimensions on the SketchUp model itself, I don’t know of anything that will automate that - and with good reason. A lot of judgement is required to place dimensions in locations where they are all visible, legible, and don’t overlay each other. That’s extremely difficult to automate!


You need to apply dimensions individually to the features of your choice.

Incidentally, even for an object of moderate complexity, there are many, many possible dimensions that could be displayed–many more than are needed to completely define an object, resulting in the conflicts and redundancies associated with double dimensioning (not to mention triple, quadruple, and worse). It generally takes more than a computer algorithm (to wit, a knowledgeable human designer) to decide what constitutes a necessary and sufficient set of dimensions for an object based on applicable design and construction considerations. CAD programs that offer a “dimension all” option typically produce some fairly ludicrous results.

Necessary=only those dimensions really needed to build the object: no extra or redundant dimensions. Sufficient=enough dimensions to completely define the object and all its features: nothing remains undefined.



Ok. Thanks for the replies.

I just wanted to have the dimensions of all the sides so I could build the object (with MDF).

I was hoping to have a similar result to this:


Use the dimension tool at the points you want measurements.


Easy to do in SketchUp, although, there are other ways to dimension the part that lead to easier and more accurate (manual) layout on the sheet goods.

Dimensions Example.skp (87.2 KB)