Problem with taking dimensions from an exported .DWG file



I’ve read the similar topics but none of them fix my problem.

I’m trying to export a simple SketchUp of a panel I need laser cut. Firstly I had problems where the drawing was coming out wonky when exported to DWG. I fixed that by turning on ‘Parallel Projection’ but now the problem is that the dimensions of the object taken from the DWG are bigger than that of the SketchUp file when in 2D view and can’t be taken at all when in 3D view.

So I need the dimensions to be checkable on the DWG file and the correct size as drawn in SketchUp!

I’ve tried changing the view (Top, Front etc) and using the 3D and 2D DWG export options.

Strangely only the ‘Left’ or ‘Right’ view show me the panel straight on. (Front shows it side on).

Any help would be appreciated as the metal fabricators are at a loss too!





sounds like you have drawn it on the ‘Red’ plane…

if drawn on the ground plane then ‘Top’ >> ‘PP’ >> Export 3D should work…

I always try to get a sample file from the machine to use as a template when that fails…

can you upload the skp…




We’ve resolved it by using the following settings:

Camera > Standard View > Right (Or whichever plane you’ve drawn on)
Camera > Parallel Perspective
File > Export > 3D Drawing
Save As DWG File