View .skp file - new to SKP

I am new to SketchUp and this Forum. I have been sent an .skp file. How do I open it for viewing and what app do I use?

.skp is the native sketch up file.
It will open in the viewer or the desktop version or the web version.
Your profile says you have a subscription to Shop, is that correct?

Yes, that is correct. I am unsure how to get the desktop version (I have the Shop version) and I know nothing of where the controls (open, close, read, import, etc) are.

If you want to open a .skp from your computer in shop, use the folder icon top left of the screen, go to open, Trimble connect, choose a project or add a file and browse to the file on your computer.
Or go to folder icon and choose insert and browse to the file.
If you want the desktop version there is a link to download the app at the bottom left after you have clicked on open in the folder icon.

Wonderful! Thanks so much! Where can I get instructions like yours that explain everything?

This is the list of online User Guides …

The “Shop” edition is SketchUp for Web with added extras and commercial license.
I suggest you bookmark it’s user guide.

This is the leaning portal …

Thank you, Dan!

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