View skewed up after creating scenes


Viewing a model for a parking in full size, about 100 m on 40 m, started going weird after creating scenes (camera’s).
When viewing trough the camera’s there appeared to be a clipping plane, cutting of first phew meters of the model.
Then it was not possible to go back to the original view like in modeling.
Zoom also changed to ridiculous encrements.

Deleting the scenes didn’t change this.

Now when I select the whole model, a lot of big blue boxes appear around the model, fairly large.

My guess is this has something to do with the distorted view,
but I don’t find a way to delete these boxes.

Any insights or tips to alleviate this ‘problem’, the model is now starting to get useless.


Now think I found a solution, deleted the camera layers, everything back to normal

From your figure, it would appear you are using the Advanced Camera Tools and have the Cameras layer visible. Try turning its visibility off and see if that helps. The cameras can have enormous bounding regions (“frustra”) that cause issues with orbit, zoom, and clipping.

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Thanks slbaumgartner!

I wanted to implement cameras for fixed viewpoints because I have to draw shapes on the walls in this model, looking from one viewpoint. Trompe l’oeil mural paintings.

However these camera viewpoints messed up the modeling function, so deleting the scenes and camera layers put everything back to normal.

Will check again and turn of camera layers to see if that helps,
also have to learn more about scenes and camera’s.

I noticed when creating a camera and viewing through it, moving around in the model also changed the camera,
Or is it possible to have the camera fixed so when moving around one can go back to the camera viewpoint?

It appears one usually create scenes when modeling is done.
And my workflow in this project maybe goes against that.

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