View Name Bug (SketchUp 19.2 Mojave)


I’m going to guess that I’ve found a Bug in Version 19.2 particular to Mac OS Mojave, illustrated in this screenshot.

This is Plan view with Camera set to Parallel. Notice the Black square in the top left. I think this is supposed to say ‘Top’


How does it look when you make a label or dimension? Is it like this?:


So far I had only seen that on my machine with Catalina, and @mchandler could not see it on his Catalina. We do have a bug logged about it, but it may be something that our machines have in common, and not specific to Mojave or Catalina.

Do you use Creative Cloud?

Hi @colin

Label in Sketchup? Attached is a Screenshot. Never added a Label before so I chose the ‘A in a Box with Arrow Icon’ and got this.

Does, bizarrely, seem to have sorted itself, as can be seen by the screenshot.


if it’s only the view names that are an issue, you can turn those off from Ruby Console…

it’s per model, but my also ‘stick’ on a Template [untested]…

Sketchup.active_model.rendering_options["ShowViewName"] = false # true for on


Wouldn’t that just hide the bug?

For me, any 2D text elements show the problem, except when I’m editing the text:


until it’s fixed…


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