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Hi all,

I am a very basic user of Sketchup, and I actually use it to create simple set and video walls to export to another app, MA3D, a lighting design software.

In order to use the imported video wall, I change the texture on it to a video.

My main problem is that instead of the wall playing a single video, it plays hundreds and thousands of tiny videos across it’s surface. Which means the 3D object I created actually has lots and lots of “zones” instead of a single one.

From what I have read, it’s related to something called UV mapping, but I am not familiar enough with Sketchup to know how to fix this.

Much thanks if someone could guide me on this.

Also, I have to export only in .3ds as MA3D only accepts that.


When you apply a ‘texture’ to a face, SketchUp creates UV map for that face. Below image explains itself.

UV mapping options are very limited in SketchUp natively (such as changing tiles, size, color etc). So i suggest you to check these plugins: SketchUV and Wrap-r. But again it’s not as good as 3ds Max or Blender can offer you about UV mapping.

I don’t know about MA3D but according to their help page, it’s done outside of their software. So try to apply a texture (not color!) to a face inside SketchUp, adjust tiling/size and see how it goes in MA3D.



thanks for the reply.

I am currently trying out SketchUv, but struggling a little to get it to work.

Will try Wrap-r as well.


If your object is very simple (a wall), applying texture within SketchUp should be fine. Did you test doing so and import to MA3D?

Check this manual for SketchUv.


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