Very Basic Question from a Noob - UV textures and PS


Hi All,

I am just starting out on my journey in SU.

Question: Is there any way to export a face in SU (say a simple T shape) into PS, edit/create a texture in PS and then reapply the texture to the T face in SU?

I have found that using Unique texture seems to provide the option, but looking a the videos this is not the proper use of that function. Plus, it will also bring the parts that i want to be excluded in the PS face layout. Which is handy then creating the texture, but then they will remain when importing back.

Any help, much appreciated.


Look at WrapR for SketchUp is a UV mapping tool.


SketchUV is another option that is good for mapping textures – I think its free.

Not exactly clear on what you need ?
For a general texture/material change I do this:
In preferences/applications set your external editor to photoshop (or other),then in material/edit the second icon (edit material in external editor) the texture file will then open automatically in photoshop (or other), if you edit it there and save it, it will update in sketchup. But for your “T” you may need to work differently.

Not sure what your texture is? Because the texture holders are rectangular that repeat you’d have to configure your texture to cover the “T” accordingly. You may have to export the “T” outline in parallel projection and use in PS as a guide for the proportions of the texture you make? which you can then import as a texture and scale it to fit the “T”. You could save it as a png with transparency for the parts you don’t want to exist, or save those extra areas as the color onto which the “T” may be placed so it blends?


Cool thank you, i will give it a try. I think it might have over complicted the ask. I want to export the shape from SU into PS, paint and reapply. It is easy with squares etc. But the more complex the face to more diffcult it becomes. I can export the UV map in blender and texture it. But it is a alot of messing around.

Thank you again