Video a mess

What is going on here?
Things missing, things added, hidden things sort of visible.
Client needed this before now!
A real mess - can’t share the file.
All sorts of bizarre behaviour since the latest install.

Uuummm… sorry but I have no idea what you were expecting versus what you got or how you got it or what should be and what shouldn’t…

I would recommend giving a LOT more information about what happened if you want any sort of assistance from people on this forum.

Removing all hidden geometry eliminated that issue. A less than satisfactory solution.
Just to top off the frustration, I thought I would use TwinMotion instead (not look wanted, and additional time needed) but the importer datasmith link doesn’t appear when the install is done. There is no 2024 SketchUp compatible version showning on Epic.
Has anyone else experienced this issue?

I thought it was pretty obvious, sorry.
This is what it should look like.

I would simply be repeating what I said - can’t really elloborate.
The file is 217mb, and some of the components are very heavy, but apart from that there is nothing unusual and I simply exported a video.

As often happens - I figured out what the issue is. There’s no 2024 TM yet, duh!

you don’t have to use datasmith to import your sketchup model in twinmotion.

Twinmotion will import your 2024 .skp file just fine, and should you have modifications to your model, simply save / overwrite it from sketchup and refresh from TM.

I have opened my file in SU 2023 and it is found by TM, but I will give the import method a crack next time. Thanks.

Can you film a sketchup house?