VFB screen is blank

I downloaded the scene file in the first tutorial (introduction) video

and followed the steps but when clicking on render icon, the VFB is not showing anything. I waited for an hour thinking that it might load in some time but it’s still blank. Can anyone guide me as to why it’s showing blank?

Try first to change the rendering settings. The scene is big (1.651.291 edges), with a lot of elements, and your settings are probably too high for your computer. Or wait longer, or start learning with smaller scene.

hello I wonder if this problem is solved? I have this problem too

just a thought… have you tried scrolling down this menu ? as it is blank on your screenshot… switch to RGB channel

no change is made. I used ‘cleanup’ shrunk the file nothing changed

how much ram do you have installed / available on your computer ?

16gb memory 15gb free space, pc new

anyone have solved this issue ?

it seems they have there : Finished loading plugins vray fault (urgent :( ) - #14 by MattGold