Finished loading plugins vray fault (urgent :( )

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hello, what is the question ?

vray has no problem rendering on other files but it gives ‘finished loading plugins’ error in this file

are you sure it’s an error ? as far as I can see, vray just reports it has finished loading plugins, but it is not giving you any error. Do you have a screenshot with an error dialog ?

it seems you are experiencing the same issue than here : VFB screen is blank

try lightening your model or waiting longer.

I’m not saying that would be the problem, but do you have, by any chance, dynamic components in your scene ? If so, try deleting them and purging your file and restart render

I cannot go beyond this screen I waited for hours, the image is not loading

what is set in the render output tab ? try with a lower resolution

also, give it a try with CUDA (if you have a GTX1650) instead of CPU to see if there’s any change

Then it shuts down and this turns out which led me to the community page.
I will try again with the actions you said

my problem is whenever I have to render my model, it always shows ‘finished loading plugins’ :frowning:

I have exactly the same problem with my Vray 5.
One model is working, and rendering. Another not.
When I just draw a simple cube in a new project of sketchup, Vray is rendering it.
When I place any new object next to it, it shows the same situation as above.
Might be a big in Vray? I will now try an older version of Vray.

have had the same challenge working with sketchup and vray 5 plugin, seems to happen when I load certain models into my model - almost like it’s freezing despite vray’s message in the frame buffer claiming that it has finished loading plugins and all other signs seem to suggest that I should be able to activate a render - however when I click the render button (have tried numerous combinations of settings in render/camera/GI parameters to make sure the error isn’t due to a overlooked step on my part). Happens on my aero windows 10 pro with 32 gb of ram, eventually I have to force quit sketchup 2021 pro and then go through different paths to get sketchup vray 5 communicating properly. Also doesn’t always seem to be a file path issue since I did not find any red or yellow in the file path editor.

If it with certain models, where did they come from? They may have been poorly drawn causing vray to fail.

I downloaded the models that seemed to cause a glitch b/w vray and sketchup directly into my model through sketchup 3d warehouse. In regards to figuring out which models might be causing this new glitch (as I have used the same models in the past with vray and sketchup and was able to render without this hiccup) so far it’s been trial and error for me when it comes to figuring out which ones seem to cause issues. I’ve been tagging each component that I downloaded and one by one (or by grouping for faster results) running a render with that specific component hidden from the rest of the model. Tedious at times but effective. Basically, if I hide for example “model A” and vray renders perfectly however if I render again without hiding model A and vray won’t render and gets stuck on “finished loading plugins” then I come to the conclusion that model A must have a file path issue or some other need for update and go from there.

Another test that comes in handy for identifying where the problem is when I run into this “finished loading plugin” glitch in vray 5 is by turning on material override and then running a render - if it works/ie the model renders the geometry and overrides the materials then that possibly means one of the materials of one of the components in my model most likely needs to be repathed in order for vray to understand what materials the component is using.

Thanks for your input, Sarah.
I had the same issue - a model rendering fine one day to no render output the next and the “Finished Loading Plugin” message - and using your info did the following to resolve it:

Turn on ‘Material Override’ and run a render
If a render is successful, review what new components have been added to the model since last successful render with materials on.
I had added a number of kitchen and bathroom components since previously trying a successful materials render and assumed a material in one of these groups was causing the issue.
Right-click on the group/component and select ‘V-Ray UV Tools’, on drop-down select ‘Remove Materials’.
Then go to V-Ray Asset Editor - Materials List and Purge the list. THIS IS IMPORTANT BECAUSE THIS IS WHERE THE PROBLEM LIES. If you know the materials you have added since the problem occurred, you can just delete these from the list but you will then need to add new materials which work in V-Ray.

Following this, the render output was fine.

So the issue seems to be in the materials applied to imported components from 3D Warehouse or old models from my own work (before I started using V-Ray). Unless they have been developed for V-Ray rendering it is a good idea to remove the materials (check face orientation) and apply new materials.
Thanks again

Hello guys,

I had a similar problem after installing the latest update of Vray 5, the rendering stops at 0% and doesn’t even launch. This has never happened to me before with any previous version of vray. After contacting chaos group, the guy debugged my model and explained that it was a bug that their developers were currently working on.

He also gave me some methods to solve the problems. There are a number of users reporting issues when using assets from the 3D Warehouse. There are problematic materials coming from the 3D Warehouse which are not migrating well with the latest version of V-Ray 5 for SketchUp. The issue should be fixed in the next update of V-Ray. You can use the following workaround in the meantime.

If you delete these materials, the project should render as expected. Make sure to select these materials, delete them, then you will have to close the Asset Editor, release the V-Ray for SketchUp license and then open the Asset Editor.

The easiest way to find problematic materials is to look at the icon before the material name in the Asset Editor. Then you’ll see whether the icon is checked or not. When you press on the problematic material, the following error message will appear in the material viewport: An error occurred (was encountered).

Some objects can also cause errors like textures imported directly into sketchup as an image. In my case, it was models like laptop, ipad, computers where the wallpaper was not a material texture but an image texture. Delete all the faces considered as texture image and your model will be solved.

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