Finished loading plugins vray fault (urgent :( )

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hello, what is the question ?

vray has no problem rendering on other files but it gives ‘finished loading plugins’ error in this file

are you sure it’s an error ? as far as I can see, vray just reports it has finished loading plugins, but it is not giving you any error. Do you have a screenshot with an error dialog ?

it seems you are experiencing the same issue than here : VFB screen is blank

try lightening your model or waiting longer.

I’m not saying that would be the problem, but do you have, by any chance, dynamic components in your scene ? If so, try deleting them and purging your file and restart render

I cannot go beyond this screen I waited for hours, the image is not loading

what is set in the render output tab ? try with a lower resolution

also, give it a try with CUDA (if you have a GTX1650) instead of CPU to see if there’s any change

Then it shuts down and this turns out which led me to the community page.
I will try again with the actions you said

my problem is whenever I have to render my model, it always shows ‘finished loading plugins’ :frowning:

I have exactly the same problem with my Vray 5.
One model is working, and rendering. Another not.
When I just draw a simple cube in a new project of sketchup, Vray is rendering it.
When I place any new object next to it, it shows the same situation as above.
Might be a big in Vray? I will now try an older version of Vray.