How to render with Vray?

Hi. I am just curious to know how rendering works? Is it just that you click on the render icon and a rendered output comes or there is some other procedure? For instance, I tried to render this file by clicking ‘Render’ icon but the output was not proper. Is it the memory issue of my laptop or I did it wrong? (I have copy-pasted wetransfer link here because the file size is big.

You might start here.


Unfortunately, asking, “How do I render?” is sort of like asking, “How do I bake?”

If you know that you want to use V-Ray, then starting with their training materials (as mentioned by @tuna1957) is a great idea!

I bet you love it when someone asks: “how do I render baked in textures?”

And those video screens are possibly placed into SketchUp as images and need to be exploded into textures.


Thank you for the link. I downloaded the scene file in the first tutorial (introduction) video and followed the steps but when clicking on render icon, the VFB is not showing anything. I waited for an hour thinking that it might load in some time but it’s still blank. Can anyone guide me as to why it’s showing blank?

I’m not a V-Ray user so I can’t be of more help. If you’re unable to work with the preconfigured file downloaded from the V-Ray website it makes me wonder if your computer may not have the necessary hardware to run V-Ray. Hopefully a V-Ray user will chime in with some help. One more thing, have you posted your problem on the V-Ray forum’s. It can’t hurt.


Yes I have posted in Sketchup Extensions vray category.
Chaosgroup vray forum is a paid-service I guess

How do you explode images into textures? Just by right clicking on the image and selecting Explode option?

Yes, that is how.

I understand that it is open for all registered users.

If you have a trial or bought it, you would have a chaosgroup login, but you would need another for their forum, they are not related or exchangeable.

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