Blank Asset Editor in vRay

Thanks for any advices :slight_smile:
Couple months ago I bought vray next and I installed it to my sketchup pro 2018.

There is a problem with blank asset editor.
I double checked graphic card drivers, windows, vray and sketchup updates.

Graphic cards: Intel ® HD Graphics 630 i NVIDIA Quadro M1200

Have you checked with the folks at Chaos Group?

Yes, they just asked about updates.

Have you tried reinstalling V-Ray?

Yes, both V-Ray and Sketchup

What do you see if you open a browser and type:

Is there sth I should look for?

Click the V-Ray for SketchUp on the left, what do you see?

If you delete the vray-neui files in the C:\Users\Your username\AppData\Local\Temp\
Do a cold reboot ( turn of computer, turn ik back on)
Any difference?

Thanks for help but unfortunatly nothing change