Vesting Tentative Tract Map


I am want to overlay a Tentative Tract Map on a location to locate proposed structures

I have a map I geo-referenced to the location in Google Earth but don’t seem to be able to import it.

I also brought it into sketchup as a separate layer and scaled it but there doesn’t seem and transparency controls for the various layers


If you geo-locate in Su that does not provide the option to garb the imagery?
How accurate do you need the data for the current effort. Open layers you should find both snap shot of area and terrain layer also.
I would suggest you use the USGS data sheets since their data is accurate to 1/100 of sec while SU uses only sec. and can result in a few meters in log error.
Styles allows you to change the opacity and is typically set to 100% so change that some and see if that helps.
If you do not know how to find the USGS data sheets repost back here someone can help. Are we even talking CONUS??


yes. I know. apparently SU make 2016 won’t import 2d imagery except google earth nor will it import 2d vector line data

I have a map from a developer

I need to be as accurate as I can reasonably be. In google earth I can load this image along with parcel data from the county assessor and tweak the transparency while resizing the image to align it to the underlying data and imagery

This is the project location,-118.2722399,17.22z

I couldn’t find how to use styles to make the map transparent, but I did find View > Face Style > X-Ray
This is better than nothing

This is what I did with it
Verdugo Hills development ver 0-2.skp (3.0 MB)

It seems to me it would not be out of the realm of possibilities someone would use 2d data like this as a starting point. As a matter of fact it is more likely than not

Anyway thanks for your reply and any help you care to give


This attachment is the data overlaid on google earth

Verdugo Hills Development.kmz (10.9 KB)