Importing older Google Earth file into SU Pro 18 or newer

Love that we can geolocate our models. However, I want historical image from 2016 flyover instead of the latest flyover. Is there any way to do this? Tx. Rich

The first thing you should do is read Google Earth’s terms of usage. They have basically made it so you can’t use their imagery or data in the way it would be used in SketchUp.

If you have historical imagery that you can use without violating terms of use, you can import the image into SketchUp and adjust the size to suit.

Tx. I know that copyright was the issue when the contract with SU ended. However, geo-locating is only available to Pro users.

Does SU import Google Earth data for geo-locating or is that imagery/data from a different source? Tx

The data now comes from Digital Globe.

A few years ago Google took their toys and went home which is why SketchUp can no longer use Google’s data

there is an extension adebeo_DanielTall_GEMaker that creates the drop pins in a .kmz for import into Google Earth Desktop…

you can then export a hi-rez image and import the image back into SU to drape over the terrain from Digital Globe…

from my reading of the GE and DG terms of service, you can use these for any purpose as long as the credits for both sources are seen in all you output…

in my assessment, to properly comply a watermark with the GE and DG credits would be the only way of assuring compliance from any view…

so if GE desktop has the history file and you read and comply with TOS then that could be an option…


exclt news John. My use of image/data is for my own edification and as a resource as relative position of a property line compared with conditions in the field.
I will try after running the snowblower :slight_smile: Tx much! Rich

This extension did not download for me. but Tx. Rich