Geolocation is behind image on Google Earth

I am trying to model an area that includes features added last year. When I import a geolocation it gives me an image that is 14 months behind the image available on Google Earth. Can I update the image?

Google Earth’s and Google Maps terms of use don’t allow the use of their imagery and terrain data in applications like SketchUp. For that reason the geolocation imagery you are seeing comes from a different source.

Thank you for that. I didn’t realize that Google didn’t share information with Google. On another topic is there any way to remove the Trimble Image watermark on images

What do you mean by that? Google hasn’t had anything to do with SketchUp in more than a decade.

I don’t know if that watermark technically constitutes a copyright notice but you could edit the texture image in your default image editor to get rid of it.

Alternatively you could capture a larger area than you need and then edit the group and trim off that part of it.

I meant that I assumed that Google maps was updated by Google earth, but I now realize that it isn’t.

Oh. I think they are related but there are different APIs. In any case SketchUp doesn’t use either of them and hasn’t for years because Google’s Terms of Use prohibit that.

google map is google earth.

sketchup uses bing (recently), nearmap (in the us) and digitaglobe. Sketchup ceased to belong to google a decade ago, as Dave wrote.

There was a topic a few weeks ago talking about the arrival of bing, how all these providers (at least outside the US) are… kinda bad / outdated, and how sad it is we can’t use google’s API

Thanks for all of the feedback. Now that I know what I am working with my work around was to use the geo-location feature to plot the area, then I imported a snip from google earth of the updated area, scaled it and added it to the model. It doesn’t allow me to use the terrain feature but that didn’t work that well anyway

Just be aware that doing that violates Google’s Terms of Use, too.

OK, I guess that’s not a good idea then, will have to stick to what I have

It might not hurt to check and see what imagery you can get from Placemaker or possibly your local GIS agency. Very often the local GIS agency in my case the county, has much higher resolution imagery than I can get from other sources. Sometimes it’s not free but if it isn’t, it’s just part of the cost of doing business.

true, same in france, between the official dxf cadastral data, and the official free access satallite photos, there are ways to go.

also, you might check cadmapper charlie, they make free (under 1km2) 3d files using open streetmap data