I tried to geolocate the file from the given address but the screen becomes blank for this location. I can however import maps from other locations? How can i fix this?

It would appear that Digital Globe doesn’t offer detailed imagery for that region. If you zoom out to Zoom Level 10, it’s there but probably not at the detail level you’d like. Not much you can do to change that, unfortunately.

Thank you… is there any other method or plugin through which i can import the google earth file of that area??

See if Oob terrain plugin is useful for you in this case:

Thank you… I can import the terrain but it is a blank one…I also need the image from google earth. Is there any other plugin which can be used to import similar topography as of geolocation

The plugin has several settings for the source of the terrain and maps, have you tried them?

Google Earth’s terms of use were changed a few years ago and no longer allow the use of their imagery in applications such as SketchUp. That’s why SketchUp doesn’t use Google Earth data or imagery anymore. You should read their terms of use.

Thankyou… it works

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