Geo Location with Transparent Overlay for site model

New to sketchup.
Have geolocated my model and thus have the “google earth” (I think) site in the model.
Also have a scanned plat in png format that the background has been made transparent.
Imported in and everything worked great except the transparent png is behind the site that was geolocated.
Would like to have the transparency on top of the site so I can trace elements and create a new sketchup site to incorporate into the model.
Any way to reorder the two images?
If not, any suggestions as to how best approach this?

SketchUp is a 3D modeling application. Think in 3D. Move the plat image up above the imported terrain.

Your profile says you are using SketchUp 2017 Pro. Is that correct?

Terrain data and imagery haven’t come from Google Earth for years. It comes from Digital Globe.

Thanks Dave.
Yes perpetual license for Pro 2017…
Haven’t used much over the years so hard for me to justify another pro license until I decide if I’m going to use it more… waffling right now. Any must have features I’m missing?

Just assumed google earth even though looked very different.
Benefits to digital globe over google earth? Limitations?

Yes, kind of thought of that as a work around but like having everything at zero. That being said took your advice and it’s workable.
Now if I can figure out a way to scale the inserted plat to a reference line rather than arbitrarily with the grips. Any insight?

Quite a number of features but it depends on what you are modeling. The 3D Warehouse doesn’t support SU2017, A number of improvements regarding inferencing since then, improvements in LO, too.

Big one is Digital Globe supplies terrain and imagery to SketchUp. Google Earth does not and their terms of use prohibit that.

It’s not a work around in a 3D application. If you want one object to appear in front of another, it has to be closer to the camera.

Create a group or component that contains the image and an edge drawn with the Line tool. Open the group or component for editing and use the Tape Measure tool to measure a known distance on the image. Type in the correct distance and hit Enter. You should be asked if you want to resize the active group or component. Click Yes.

Thanks Dave!
Going to jump on all of the above!
Was looking around at layers etc for the Site info I imported. See that there are actually 2 images on 2 different layers. One is camera and one is topo.
In looking at the topo by itself I notice it is actually the topo. Yeah!

So, wondering how I can actually use that to generate my site model (with colors & textures etc). Haven’t looked at any tutorials yet… could you recommend one?

Started trying to snap some lines (like normal sketchup drawing to the actual topo but not working…
Would be great if I could draw a driveway and have it actually follow the topo. And insert a house and have the grade at foundation actually look right…

The list goes on!

Along those lines is the topo actually inserted on the z axis relative to sea level?

Let me know if I should just start another thread or something.

Awesome on the scaling my plat instructions. Worked like a charm! Thanks!